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Former Graduate of the Biochemistry Ph.D. Program was longtime Professor at Brandeis University

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Thomas Hollocher JrThomas Clyde Hollocher Jr., a former graduate of the Biochemistry Program at the University of Rochester, passed away on November 3, 2022, at age 91. He received his Ph.D. in 1958, working with Professors Martin Morrison and Elmer Stotz. His thesis was entitled “Kinetic Studies on the Cytochrome C – Cytochrome Oxidase reaction”, where he extended studies of partially soluble systems to reactions in mitochondria capable of oxidative phosphorylation and feedback effects. He went on to a long career at Brandeis University where he taught for 38 years, and lead an active research program in the elucidation and mechanism of bacterial enzymes that carry out denitrification (the reduction of nitrogen oxides to di-nitrogen by bacteria, an alternative to aerobic respiration, and affecting the proportions of nitrogen and oxygen the earth's atmosphere.) He has over 80 research publications, including some related to his interests in chemical paleontology. Most recently Dr. Hollocher held the title of Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry at Brandeis.