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Lab Tours and T32 Seminars

T32 Informal Seminars

Dr. Thurston organizes a “T32 informal seminar” to augment the trainees’ Environmental Health Science (EHS) training or to focus on another aspect of training that is not covered in the department’s curriculum. These typically occur about twice a month during the academic year.

In a recent semester each of the eight EHS trainers gave an informal seminar describing their work, while in another semester Biostatistics trainers and an upper-level T32 trainee described how their statistical methodology research was motivated by EHS collaborations. Another topic of T32 informal seminars in several recent semesters was reading EHS-related material, with trainees taking turns presenting the topic and leading the discussion. A focus in other semesters was good practices for reproducible research, with opportunities for trainees to give feedback and then to share useful code. At these informal seminars trainees also have ample opportunity to give practice talks prior to speaking at upcoming events (such as for the External Advisory Board, department workshops, or a thesis defense), and receive feedback from other T32 trainees and trainers.

Trainee looks through microscopeTrainees at outdoor air quality stationTrainees at brain wave lab

Lab Tours

Trainees’ EHS education is also augmented by tours of labs devoted to some aspect of environmental health, thanks to EHS faculty, postdocs, students and staff who give these tours.

Trainee wearing EEG capOrganized events in recent years include:

                                                                Trainees visiting a research lab