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tumorAccess to an extensive collection of clinically-annotated human specimens as well as collaborative project design and technical support for clinical studies.


  • Peer-reviewed access to a variety of deidentified, subject-derived biospecimens and metadata for research use.
  • Comprehensive tissue tracking with support from the URMC Department of Pathology to ensure expeditious sample allocation without compromising patient care.
  • Standardized preanalytical variable (ischemia times, processing details) and clinicopathologic data collection for all samples made accessible through the Biobank BLIS database.
  • Study-specific collection support (enrollment, processing, storage) that includes several tissue processing options.
  • Range of consultation services for clinical studies including RSRB compliance.

To register for access to the Biobank sample catalog, request a service, or for more information, please contact Bradley Mills, Biobank Director.

For additional information about equipment and services, see the Wilmot Biobank and Biospecimen Research Center.


Bradley Mills, PhD





Bradley Mills, Ph.D.