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Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Eric Small
Eric M. Small, Ph.D.
Phone: (585) 276-9795
Email Eric
Research Interest:

To better understand the mechanisms that control cell identity and lineage commitment by studying the transcriptional regulation and function of cardiac tissue-restricted genes

Postdoctoral Scholars

Daniel Zuppo
Daniel Zuppo
Postdoctoral Associate

Research Staff

Ronald Dirkx
Ronald Dirkx
Technical Associate

Graduate Students

Kimberly Burgos Villar
Research Interest: Scar formation and inflammatory signaling after a myocardial infarction
Xiaoyi Liu
Research Interest: The role of small proline-rich protein 2b (Sprr2b) in the regulation of protein stability, fibroblast plasticity, and cardiac fibrosis.

Research Assistants

Sebastien Dhennezel
Sebastien Dhennezel
Intern Undergraduate Student
Kavya Phadke
Kavya Phadke
RIT Bioinformatics Co-op Student