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Crisis Intervention Program

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We provide support and assistance to families and other care-providers when a person with a developmental disability is in a crisis situation involving their behavior, health, or involvement in the community. We offer support to improve function in family, community, and work settings. Support can be at home, residence, school, or in a day program. Services are based on individual needs, situation, and assessment.

Boy Running Away

Services We Provide

  • Behavioral assessment to understand and identify behaviors that drive crisis situations
  • Establishment of guidelines for parents and caregivers to manage difficult behaviors
  • Psychological and psychiatric consultations to the treatment team
  • Assistance in planning with mental health agencies and emergency departments
  • Recommendations for long-term services
  • Short-term case management to help with treatment planning and accessing long-term services for individuals who do not have service coordination

What is a Crisis Situation?

Eligibility is determined using the New York State Office of People With Developmental Disabilities (NYS OPWDD) definitions. Crisis situations can involve aggression, self-injury, bolting/running away, or serious property destruction. Crisis situations can also involve behavior that puts a person at risk of losing education or in-home services (for example, school, daycare, or the ability to participate in community activities such as respite or community habilitation).


Our services are available to Monroe County residents with a developmental disability and eligibility for services through the New York State Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (NYS OPWDD). Referrals to the Crisis Intervention Program can be made by

  • Developmental disability agencies providing direct care to the individual
  • Mental health agencies providing either acute or chronic care to the individual
  • Families (direct request)

Referrals should be made with prior approval of the senior administrator of the referring agency, and concurrence of parents/guardian and mental health personnel already involved with the individual’s care plan.


The Crisis Intervention Program is supported through a grant from the OPWDD Family Support Services program. There is no cost to families for this service.

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