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Infant-Toddler Developmental Program

Our program addresses the developmental needs of children. We check to see that they are growing and developing as they should. If there are concerns about your child's development, we can help your family find needed services. Please note that our program does not replace regular care by your child's primary care provider.


Who Can We Help?

Children who were born early or had complicated health problems at birth.Baby in the NICU

Your Schedule

Services are provided by Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics (formerly known as the Kirch Developmental Services Center) on Elmwood Avenue.

Your child's visit schedule depends on how early he or she was born and the kinds of health problems experienced after birth.


The first visit is usually scheduled when your child is discharged from the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Some babies are first seen shortly after discharge; others are seen closer to 8 months old.

In addition, most infants born at less than 27 weeks gestation have a special NICU follow-up visit at about 2 years old for testing of development and movement.

During Your Visit

You may meet several members of our team. Visits can be long, so bring supplies your child might need.

  • Our social worker will discuss family concerns with you and give you information about child safety, infant development, and community programs.
  • Our developmental pediatrician or nurse practitioner will examine your child and talk with you about his or her health and development. We also talk about behaviors such as feeding, sleeping, crying, and self-calming.
  • Our physical therapist may see your child to check his or her muscles or developmental skills.

The Developmental Assessment

We screen:

  • Big and small muscle skills
  • Use and understanding of speech and language
  • Learning and problem-solving skills
  • Neurological development

Our Service Team