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Christine M. Burns Cares Center


Our Health Home Program is dedicated to connecting families with community resources and strengthening their ability to maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle.


We aspire to shaping the future of care management by achieving excellence to impact health outcomes for all children.

Our Health Home Program makes it possible for Medicaid patients with chronic health problems or mental health needs to get the care and services they need. Our services are provided free of charge if you are on Medicaid and qualify for the program.

Care managers help you manage your child's medical and day to day needs. They will help:

  • Connect you to community programs
  • Christine M. Burns CARES CenterSchedule appointments
  • Obtain transportation to appointments - medical and non-medical
  • Assist with housing needs
  • Attend medical appointments you with and your child
  • Communicate with all providers involved with your child's care
  • Locate resources for food,clothing, social services and financial needs

You can enroll at any time and withdraw at any time. The main requirement is to remain in contact with your care manger. The goal of the program is to work together as a team with your care manager and all of your child's health care providers.

View the latest update provided by both the NYS Care Management Coalition and the Coalition of New York State Health Homes to our state legislators.  The work of care managers has impacted many areas, and it is displayed in this comprehensive overview.

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