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URMC / Clinical Cardiovascular Research Center (CCRC) / Clinical Trials Coordination Center


Clinical Trials Coordination Center

Our Clinical Trials Coordination Center is an academic-based full-facility research organization with access to a vast array of University based services.

CCRC can provide the highest professional standards to meet all aspects of the diverse management and analysis requirements of clinical cardiovascular research studies.

Over the past 40 years, the Clinical Trials Coordination Center has managed the conduct of over 50 clinical research studies with government, and industry sponsors enrolling research participants in US, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

We have independently designed and conducted the world-renowned Multicenter Defibrillator Implantation Trials (MADIT) that led to the FDA approval of new indications for the ICD and CRT.

Clinical trial and data management services can be customized as needed.

  • Project management
  • Data management
    • Quality assurance and compliance management (FDA standards)
    • FDA-Compliant Host Server Environment with authentication/encryption, and integrated disaster recovery
    • FDA-Compliant Electronic Data Capture System Using Real-Time Web-Enabled Portal
  • Analytic database integration
  • Biostatistical analysis
  • Finance/contract administration
  • Vendor management

For further information on our services please contact our Clinical Trial Coordination Center manager, Mary W. Brown at

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