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URMC / Clinical Cardiovascular Research Center (CCRC) / URMC LVAD Database Research


URMC Advanced Heart Failure Program/LVAD Database Research

Our institution provides care for approximately 220 outpatients supported by a LVAD, who comprise one of the largest outpatient cohorts of LVAD patients in the country. The University of Rochester is a high-volume LVAD center and 80-90 patients undergo LVAD implantation annually.

We continuously record LVAD patient outcomes for research purposes. Currently, the URMC LVAD Database includes more than 400 LVAD patients since 2008, and integrates patient data on clinical characteristics, device data, medications, procedures, outcomes and adverse events, and patient-reported quality of life. Novel, continuously assessed home monitoring data, wearable activity data, advanced echo and hemodynamic measurements are currently being incorporated to enable our team to develop new treatment algorithms using high-definition bioinformatics analysis.  Our numerous publications from the database are available online.

URMC Initiated Prospective Studies

URMC research investigators have initiated multiple prospective studies including the TeleLVAD Study (Telehealth for LVAD Patients: Feasibility and Patient Perceptions, PI: Dr. Himabindu Vidula), funded by a Department of Medicine Pilot Grant, and Left Atrial Appendage Clipping in LVAD Patients, PI: Dr. Igor Gosev, funded by Atricure.

Industry Sponsored Studies

URMC has been very successful in enrolling patients into the MOMENTUM 3 Trial and CAP Study, and enrolled 38 patients. URMC ranked 13 out of 69 centers nationally with regards to enrollment in this pivotal study. URMC Investigators are currently involved in multiple industry sponsored studies including the INTELLECT 2-HF and BMAD studies.