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URMC / Clinical Cardiovascular Research Center (CCRC) / Wearables and Activity Core


Wearables and Activity Core

Predictive Health Monitoring and Activity Core Laboratory (PMAC)

The challenges of improving the well-being of whole communities while delivering tailored therapies for each individual requires a multi-disciplinary team with a vision to change the current status quo in health care.

The Predictive Health Monitoring and Activity Core Laboratory (PMAC) is imagining new ways to apply the latest wearable and implantable sensor technologies and scientific discoveries to better understand, prevent, treat and cure diseases in the real-world. Our interdisciplinary team leverages the latest advances in biology, sensors, communication networks, biostatistics, machine learning and pharmacology to ask tough scientific questions about health and then design solutions that help people. At PMAC, we are developing and deploying the best practices for clinical decision-making tailored to the individual instead of the average “group”.  The broader questions we are trying to answer is: what does “healthy” actually mean? and How do we get there?

Our lab is studying the role of novel digital biomarkers such as high-definition activity derived from wearable and implantable devices in heart and vascular disease. We are developing predictive health monitoring methods to provide near-real time health status and personalized dose modulation that makes life better. We promote an active collaborative culture between the Cardiovascular Clinical Research Center and partner institutions at a global level. PMAC provides a full core-lab services for the acquisition, processing and analysis of physiologic data acquired from wearable and implantable sensors in clinical trials.