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"Got Health?" Talks

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The Center for Community Health & Prevention offers a series of FREE health talks called “Got Health?” to help community members get and stay healthy. Got Health is co-sponsored by the Center and the Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County. The talks cover basic health information and are delivered in easy-to-understand language, with plenty of time for questions and answers. They take place on the third Thursday of each month (except July and August) at the Central Library, with occasional extra presentations. Throughout the series, presenters from our Center, the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC), and community organizations help to inform the community about health issues and highlight the link between research and community health improvement.

Please join us to learn more about many interesting health topics. If you can't attend, the talks are streamed live by the Central Library, so you can tune in on Facebook for the live broadcast or view the video later.

Upcoming Talks

On Thursday, September 13, Dr. Janaki Nathan, preventive medicine resident at URMC, will present “High Cholesterol: Why it’s a health risk, how to prevent it, and ways to get it under control” from 12:10-12:50 p.m. in the Kate Gleason Auditorium of the Rochester Central Library's Bausch and Lomb Building, 115 South Ave. She will help you learn more about high blood cholesterol, including what the numbers mean, what are the risk factors for this condition, how it affects your health over time, and how it can be treated. The talk will also be streamed live by the Central Library on Facebook.

Fall 2017 Got Health? Series

Date Presenter Topic
9/21/17 Leslie Johnson, URMC “Oh, My Aching BACK! Information, tips and treatment for back pain”
10/19/17 Dr. Faith Adams, Jordan Health “My Feet Hurt!”
10/30/17 Cancelled Cancelled
11/16/17 Dr. Shira May, Alzheimer's Association “Dementia: Know the Warning Signs” (video unavailable)
12/21/17 Dr. Kevin Coffey, URMC “Are you worried? Stressed out? Tips for handling these negative feelings so they don’t take over”

Spring 2018 Got Health? Series

Date Speaker Topic
1/18/18 Elizabeth McKinley, URMC “How’s your ‘sugar’? Are you or someone you love at risk for diabetes? Many are, but don’t know it.”
2/7/18 Dr. Hugo Alvarez, URMC "High Blood Pressure: Why people have it, how to avoid it, and ways to get it under control"
2/15/18 Dawn A. Martin, URMC "Act FAST: Know the Risks and Warning Signs of Strokes and Heart Attacks"
3/22/18 Zoe Mahlum, Center for Community Health & Prevention Healthy Eating & Gluten Free Diets
4/19/18 Dr. Silvia Sörensen, URMC "Aging and Vision Loss: How to Cope"
5/17/18 Dr. Adina Jucan, URMC "Let's Talk About Having a Healthy Mouth"
6/21/18 Amy Allen and Jennifer Weslowski, URMC "Sick of Snoring? A Brief Talk on Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea."

If you have any questions regarding the Got Health? talks, contact Marcia Middleton at (585) 224-3068.