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University Program Named Neighborhood Champion

Bank of America named the University of Rochester its "2021 Neighborhood Champion." This award is in recognition of the work the University of Rochester does to advance economic mobility throughout the greater Rochester region with the Teen Health & Success Partnership program (THSP) at the Center for Community Health & Prevention. 

The Neighborhood Champions program provides $50,000 in grant support, as well as an opportunity for virtual leadership training, delivered by experts in the nonprofit sector on topics like workforce management, increasing financial sustainability and storytelling. 

Black female student working at computerAbout the Teen Health & Success Partnership program:

  • In 2009, the Center for Community Health & Prevention established the THSP program to address the cycle of poverty for Rochester’s youth and provide hiring and employment assistance to support students’ long-term career success.
  • Local young adults often lack the support and experience to enter full-time healthcare careers where job vacancies exist directly. The Neighborhood Champions grant allows our Center to expand THSP to developing healthcare career pathways for local students.
  • The new Pathways to Healthcare Careers project will help local high school students enter healthcare jobs and support their growth into living-wage and professional roles. 

Employment at the University of Rochester exposes students to local career opportunities in their field of choice – from health care to food service to IT – and helps them develop marketable job skills and financial independence. Participating students have access to an advocate and a suite of wrap-around services for overcoming obstacles at home, school, and work. This partnership structure provides students with the vision and tools for a range of educational and career options after graduation, and enables the University of Rochester to employ well-prepared youth from the local diverse community.