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Handelman General Dentistry Conference

27th Annual Handelman Conference
Terminal Dentition... Quo Vadis?Ricardo Mitrani

Featuring Dr. Ricardo Mitrani

Friday, May 3, 2024
8 a.m.–5 p.m.
Rochester, NY

Handelman Conference Brochure

Educational Objectives

Course Breakdown

For more than a decade, the term "Terminal Dentition" has unquestionably gained traction in the dental community and implies that there is a need to remove a patient's remaining dentition. But how do we reach such a conclusion? Does it mean the same to everyone? The reality is that the term Terminal Dentition is actually a "dentist-made term." At present, among dental practitioners, the ideal Prosthodontic solutions for this segment of the population is controversial.

This presentation will include a discussion on a linear algorithm that allows the treating team to decide when to give up hope on the remaining dentition and provides a classification system that will help evaluate the available restorative possibilities.

Learning Objectives

  • Review a treatment planning algorithm that facilitates the assessment of the remaining dentition.
  • Review a simple Classification (LTR Classification) that helps identify the patient's condition and therefore decide the ideal treatment design for each patient.
  • Improve communication among the members of the dental team.

We would love to see our Alumni, Residents and Faculty at our post conference events, such as the Alumni Cocktail Reception on 5/3/23 at 5:15 p.m. (at the Doubletree Hotel) and Alumni Picnic on Saturday 5/4/23 at 2:00 p.m. (Dr. Malmstrom's clubhouse). This is an opportunity to meet or reestablish connections with alumni and our present residents and faculty.

Handelman Alumni Events

Alumni Cocktail Reception in the Atrium of DoubleTree Hotel after the Conference
Friday, May 3 at 5:15 p.m.
Cost $35 per/person

DoubleTree Hotel
1111 Jefferson Road
Rochester, NY 14623

Alumni Picnic is at Dr. Malmstrom's clubhouse
Saturday, May 4 at 2:00 p.m.
FREE for everyone.

To sign up for either the cocktail reception or picnic, please email us at

For more information about the conference, please email us at or call (585) 275-5087