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Personal effectiveness is the practice of getting the best out of yourself. Have you tried to assess your life by examining your goals and what’s truly most important to you and then acquiring skills to achieve your potential and your best life? Focusing on personal effectiveness allows you to gain insight into your strengths, weaknesses, and values. You increase your self-awareness, which helps you overcome roadblocks and take action to reach your most exciting personal goals. An entire industry on personal effectiveness exists, with education and training products. Nearly all can be purchased or found online. Be cautious, however. Many self-help and self-improvement materials are not scientifically sound, despite their online recommendations. Some may claim you have psychological problems or deep-seated “personal issues” that you really don’t. Still, many personal effectiveness materials have stood the test of time and are effective and powerful. To get started, seek opinions and guidance from professional counselors, your employee assistance program (EAP), or other licensed medical and mental health professionals. They can help you find the right resource for self-help that can help you get to that “next level” in your life. The link will take you to the most popular personal effectiveness materials purchased by the public in 2022.


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