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Up Your Self-Discipline

Improve self-discipline by practicing empowering behaviors that become reflexes to drive you in a more rapid pursuit of your goals. 1) Start with avoiding criticism for falling short of your ideal self. 2) Recognize self-discipline is a learned skill, not a personality trait. 3) Practice improving self-discipline at multiple points during the day, from completing a chore to starting a new large project you have postponed. 4) Find the big “why” to stir your motivation. 5) Identify steps to the end result, and act immediately. Take the first one, and then the next. 6) Maintain work-life balance. Procrastination or distraction can be your mind’s way of avoiding burnout. Lack of balance therefore undermines self-discipline. 7) Set deadlines, and link them to undesirable consequences that are external, not self-punishing. For example, commit to others when goals will be achieved. 8) Your body has peak performance periods during the day. Leverage these periods to supercharge self-discipline.


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