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How to Interrupt Impulse Eating

If you often peek in the refrigerator when not really hungry then you might be keeping on extra pounds because of impulse eating. Experts say you could lose up to ten pounds a month by getting a handle on this practice. Impulse eating is not the same as compulsive eating (which is associated with eating disorders). Impulse eating has triggers: boredom, a TV commercial break, snacks in easy reach, late-night hunger, or even too big a plate. To intervene in impulse eating, keep a diary for a week. It will stir your motivation to make corrections. Then start making rules for the triggers you spot. Develop a complete strategy, and see how much weight you can lose. Learn more here.

The YOURhealth employee wellness program offers lifestyle management programs for eligible individuals. From creating a plan for weight-loss to reducing stress and its affects, the employee wellness team is ready to help you meet your goals this year. For more information, visit, or call 530-2050.


Tracy Bussey | 3/22/2016

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