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Outside Hearing Aids

Policy for Professional Services provided to patients who have

hearing aids not purchased through UR Medicine Audiology


  1. Hearing aid services performed are subject to an initial flat fee of $300.  This initial fee includes the first three office visits thereafter, after which standard billing procedures will apply.  Additional expenses may be incurred if earmolds, domes or other hearing aid parts or accessories are needed.
  2. Patient will be subject to an initial office visit charge regardless of the compatibility of their device with our fitting and adjustment equipment. 
  3. An audiologic evaluation may be needed on the first visit or on a subsequent visit to properly adjust the hearing aid(s).  This diagnostic evaluation will be billed as a standard and customary charge.  In some cases, the diagnostic audiologic evaluation may not be covered by insurance.
  4.  For each subsequent visit for hearing aid services a charge of approximately $20-100 will apply for each 30 minutes.  This fee may vary depending on the complexity of the appointment.
  5. Repairs of hearing aid(s) outside of manufacturer warranty will be billed under standard and customary charges.
  6. Patients who have paid the initial flat fee and continue as established patients of UR Medicine Audiology may utilize our walk-in clinic service at standard and customary charges (see attached walk-in clinic information form).