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Thank you Claire!

  • Dr. McIntosh conducted my initial and follow-up visits to apply and support hearing aides application. She was very professional and had a knowledgeable approach to applying hearing aids. This was a very pleasant experience. My sincere compliments!

Thank you, Lauren!

  • Dr. Davey checked my ears due to excessive injury. She was so kind and friendly. She explained everything each step of the way. Being treated exceptionally is rare these days. I so appreciated it! Dr. Davey is the best!

Thank you, Katherine!

  • Katherine efficiently diagnosed my hearing aid function problems. She made appointments for ear molds and cleaned my ears. My hearing aids malfunctioned and were irritating my family and me.

Thank you, Brendan!

  • Dr. Fitzgerald had a lot of patience and talked in terms I understood. He let me practice using my hearing aid so I could do it. I am elderly, and he acknowledged me and my issue.

Thank you, Stephanie!

  • Stephanie made temporary hearing aid repairs. She also took impressions for ear molds. She explained ear mold age-related problems. My hearing aids did not fit and kept falling out.

Thank you, Jenette!

  • Jenette performed the hearing testing and prepped new hearing aids for my husband. My husband is now handicapped and hard of hearing. She was so kind to him and explained everything so carefully. Jenette made it a pleasant experience!

Thank you, Courtney! 

  • Courtney did my hearing test and reprogrammed my hearing aids. She provided instruction on the use of hearing aids and a physical update. I felt very comfortable with Courtney. She is a wonderful teacher and encouraged me to use my devices fully. ‚Äč

Thank you, Brendan!

  • Dr. Fitzgerald fixed my hearing aids. He is kind, patient, and just the best! He made my hearing aids feel comfortable in my ears. Thank you, Dr. Fitzgerald!

Thank you, Courtney!

  • Courtney spent time with my mother explaining the details of how to use her new hearing aid. She was patient and talked my mother into giving it a go with the new device which I think my mom had written off as something she would not use. She explained the process, application, care, maintenance, and reasons for wearing the hearing aid. She answered all of my mom's concerns. She is a top-notch professional and has helped my family to have more quality time with my mother. She chose a career where she can do great things and I hope she knows how much we appreciate her care today. My mother's relationships with her family and friends will be happier because she can hear now and she was so reluctant to try the new device. Courtney helped alleviate her fears and apprehensions. My mother also thought Courtney was amazing and so appreciative of the time she took to help her through another milestone.

Thank you, Kristin!

  • Kristin was so kind, patient, and thorough. She delivered bad news with compassion and was very welcoming of any questions I had. Being patient and answering questions made me feel better about the bad news I received since I could be more informed. Her compassion was also very appreciated as I was quite upset.

Thank you, Christina!

  • Christina has been my Audiologist for a few years. She always expresses concern, listens to my concerns, answers my questions, and offers suggestions. She makes time to call or fit me in for an appointment if I have an urgent problem or concern.

Thank you, Christy!

  • I had requested a hearing test. During the test, Christy noticed my eardrum moving and advised that I get an appointment with a
    specialist. It turned out I had a perforation in the only ear I can hear in. For this, I am most grateful that Christy noticed this problem and acted on it!

Thank you, Courtney!

  • I was in an accident. My hearing went crazy. Today, Courtney sat with me and took so much time and helped me understand everything about the hearing aids.

Thank you, Christina!

  • Christina went above and beyond to get my new hearing aids with short notice before my insurance changed and I didn't have coverage! She took time for my phone calls and follow-ups! Without her help, I would not have been able to afford the new hearing aids!

Thank you, Christy!

  • Christy helps us navigate all of the cochlear implant sound processor equipment for both of my son's ears! She has an amazing knowledge and her attitude is always so great! Without Christy, we would often be confused about parts that need updating and my son would not be able to hear as well!