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Fellows complete core rotations on inpatient services including: Consultations, Heart Center, Electrophysiology, Advanced Heart Failure including heart transplant and ventricular assist devices, and the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit. Fellows have dedicated procedure blocks in the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory.

Imaging rotations include Echocardiography and Nuclear Imaging. Fellows have dedicated outpatient general cardiology continuity clinic one half day per week throughout all three years of training. Nighttime coverage is through a night float system, with a first or second year fellow providing weeknight coverage. Weekend call responsibilities are shared between fellows in all years.

There is dedicated research time throughout the fellowship, with more research and elective blocks in the second and third years to allow fellows to focus their time based on their individual interests and career path.

2021-2022 Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship Program Rotation Schedule

Year 1 Rotation Schedule

Block Fellow 1 Fellow 2 Fellow 3 Fellow 4 Fellow 5
1 Nuc HF Echo CCU Echo
2 HF Echo CCU Echo Cath
3 Echo Consult HF Research /CVICU Cath
4 Consult Nuc Consult Cath CCU
5 Echo CCU Nuc Cath Consult
6 CCU Consult Echo Echo HF
7 Consult Echo/Research Consult EP Echo
8 CVICU Research Echo Cath Consult EP
9 Consult CVICU Research Cath Nuc Consult
10 Echo/Research Cath EP Consult CVICU/Research
11 EP Cath Consult HF Echo/Research
12 Cath Consult ECHO/Research/CVICU ECHO/Research Consult
13 Cath EP Research/CVICU Consult Nuc

Year 2 Rotation Schedule

Block Fellow 1 Fellow 2 Fellow 3 Fellow 4 Fellow 5
1 Imaging Research/EP Consult Cath Echo
2 Research Imaging Research/CVICU(2) Consult EP
3 Cath Echo/Imaging Imaging Research/CCU Consult
4 Echo Cath HF Research Research
5 Research Echo Echo EP HF
6 Echo Research EP Research/CVICU/Research Consult
7 Research/Cath Cath/Imaging HF Research/CVICU/Research Cath
8 Imaging CCU Research Consult Research
9 CCU Cath Cath Echo EP
10 Cath/Research Echo/Research Research HF Imaging
11 Cath Echo/Research Research Consult CVICU/Research
12 Research/Cath Research CCU/Research Imaging Research/
13 Research Imaging/Research Consult HF Research

Year 3 Rotation Schedule

Block Fellow 1 Fellow 2 Fellow 3 Fellow 4 Fellow 5
1 Imaging Echo CCU1-2/Res3-4 Cath EP/Research
2 CCU1-2/Research3-4 Research Cath Cath/Research


3 Research Imaging1/CCU2-4 Research Echo/Research Research
4 Research Cath Research Echo Imaging
5 Research Echo Imaging Imaging Research
6 Research Cath Echo Cath Research
7 Cath Research Research1-2/Imaging3-4 CCU Echo/Research
8 Imaging Imaging Cath Echo Cath
9 Echo Research Research Imaging Echo
10 Research Research Imaging Research CCU
11 Echo Cath Echo Research Imaging/Echo
12 Imaging Research Cath1-2/Research3-4 Research Echo/Research
13 Cath Imaging Research Research/Cath Cath/Imaging