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2023 Faculty Photo

Burr W. Hall, M.D.

Burr W. Hall, M.D.Director, Cardiovascular Fellowship Training Program

Professor of Medicine

Burr W. Hall Profile

Erica Miller, M.D.

Erica Olsen Miller, M.D.Associate Program Director, Cardiovascular Fellowship Training Program

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Erica Miller Profile

Spencer Z. Rosero, M.D.

Spencer Z. Rosero, M.D.Interim Division Chief of Cardiology

Spencer Rosero Profile

Mehmet K. Aktas, M.D.

Mehmet K. Aktas, M.D.

Associate Professor of Medicine

Mehmet Aktas Profile

Jeffrey D. Alexis, M.D.

Jeffrey Alexis, MD

Professor of Medicine

Jeffrey Alexis Profile

Eduardo A. Arazoza, M.D.

Eduardo A. Arazoza, M.D.

Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine

Eduardo Arazoza Profile

Farhan A. Bajwa, M.D.

Farhan A. Bajwa, M.D.Assistant Professor of Medicine

Farhan A. Bajwa Profile

Jeffrey Bruckel, M.D., M.P.H.

Jeffrey Bruckel, M.D., M.P.H.Assistant Professor of Medicine

Jeffrey Bruckel Profile


Pradeepkumar Charla, M.D.

Pradeepkumar Charla, M.D.Professor of Medicine

Pradeepkumar Charla


Leway Chen, M.D., M.P.H.

Leway Chen, M.D., M.P.H.Professor of Medicine

Leway Chen Profile


Christopher Cove, M.D.

Christopher J. Cove, M.D.Professor of Clinical Medicine

Christopher Cove Profile


Joseph M. Delehanty, M.D.

Joseph M. Delehanty, M.D.Professor of Medicine

Joseph Delehanty Profile


James P. Eichelberger, M.D.

James Eichelberger, MDClinical Professor of Medicine

James Eichelberger Profile


James D. Gallagher, M.D.

James D. Gallagher, M.D.Assistant Professor of Medicine

James Gallagher Profile


Jason C. Garringer, M.D.

Jason C. Garringer, M.D.Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine

Jason C. Garringer Profile


Ilan Goldenberg, M.D.

Ilan Goldenberg, M.D.Professor of Medicine

Ilan Goldenberg Profile


Mark E. Hamer, M.D.

Mark E. Hamer, M.D.Associate Professor of  Clinical Medicine

Mark Hamer Profile


David T. Huang, M.D.

David T. Huang, M.D.Professor of Medicine

David Huang Profile


Vijay K. Krishnamoorthy, M.D.

Vijay K. Krishnamoorthy, M.D.Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine

Vijay Krishnamoorthy Profile


Valentina Kutyifa, M.D., Ph.D.

Valentina Kutyifa, M.D., Ph.D.Associate Professor of Medicine

Valentina Kutyifa Profile


Frederick S.K. Ling, M.D.

Frederick S.K. Ling, M.D.Professor of Medicine

Frederick Ling Profile


Mark A. Marinescu, M.D.

Mark A. Marinescu, M.D.Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine

Mark A. Marinescu Profile


Andrew Mathias, M.D.

Andrew Mathias, M.D.Senior Instructor of Clinical Medicine

Andrew Mathias Profile


Hanna Z. Mieszczanska, M.D.

Hanna Mieszczanska, M.D.Associate Professor of Medicine

Hanna Mieszczanska Profile


Craig R. Narins, M.D.

Craig R. Narins, M.D.Associate Professor of Medicine

Craig Narins Profile


Christopher Montgomery, M.D.

Christopher Mongomery, M.D.Senior Instructor of Clinical Medicine

Christopher Montgomery Profile


Ryan C. Nelson, M.D.

Ryan C. Nelson, M.D.Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine

Ryan Nelson Profile




Amole O. Ojo, M.D.

Amole O. Ojo, M.D.Assistant Professor of  Department of Medicine, Cardiology

Amole Ojo Profile 




Jason D. Pacos, M.D.

Jason D. Pacos, M.D.Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine

Jason Pacos Profile



Parag P. Patel, M.D.

Parag P. Patel, M.D.Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine

Parag Patel Profile



Angelo J. Pedulla, M.D.

Angelo J. Pedulla, M.D.Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine

Angelo Pedulla Profile



Krishna M. D. Rao, M.D.

Krishna M. D. Rao, M.D.Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine

Krishna Rao Profile

Ronald Schwartz, M.D., M.S.

Ronald Schwartz, M.D.Professor of Medicine

Professor of Imaging Sciences

Ronald Schwartz Profile

Karl Q. Schwarz, M.D.

Karl Q. Schwarz, M.D.Professor of Medicine

Karl Schwarz Profile


Thomas P. Stuver, M.D.

Thomas P. Stuver, M.D.Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine

Thomas Stuver Profile



Sabu Thomas, M.D.

Sabu Thomas, M.D.

Associate Professor of Medicine

Associate Professor of Imaging Sciences

Sabu Thomas Profile



Maurice J. Vaughan, M.D.

Maurice J. Vaughan, M.D.

Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine

Maurice Vaughan Profile



Nicholas M. Venci, M.D.

Nicholas M. Venci, M.D.Senior Instructor of Clinical Medicine

Nicholas Venci Profile



Roy S. Wiener, M.D.

Roy S. Wiener, M.D.Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine

Roy Wiener Profile


Michael Vornovitsky, M.D.

Michael Vornovitsky, M.D.Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine

Michael Vornovitsky Profile



Wojciech Zareba, M.D., Ph.D.

Wojciech Zareba, M.D., Ph.D.Professor of Medicine

Wojciech Zareba Profile