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The Cardiology Division offers a wide range of research projects to our fellows. We have outstanding clinical research opportunities. We are the home to the world's most successful sudden death arrhythmia research group, the Heart Research Follow-up Program. This research team leads the MADIT series of trials and other leading clinical studies in devices which treat lethal arrhythmias and conduction system defects.

The Cardiology Division also offers basic research within the Aab Cardiovascular Research Institute (CVRI). A wide range of basic science projects are available at the CVRI, including research into vascular biology, heart failure, and ion channels. The CVRI also is home to the URMC Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Med-into-Grad Graduate Program for translational biomedical research.

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Research Spotlight

“Code Blue” Equals Lower Survival for Cancer Patients

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Jeffrey BruckelPatients with advanced cancer who suffer cardiac arrest in the hospital have a survival rate of less than 10 percent—half the rate of other patients without cancer, according to a nationwide study led by the University of Rochester Medical Center.

The data helps to clear up some myths in medicine about cardiac arrest survival and can be used as a guidepost when hospitalized cancer patients and their families consider do-not-resuscitate (DNR) orders, said Jeffrey T. Bruckel, M.D., a third-year postdoctoral fellow in cardiology at URMC, who led the research.

“We’re hopeful that our study in some way will help doctors and cancer patients make more informed decisions about the end of life,” Bruckel said. “It’s very important to have early, frank, discussions around the goals of care.”

The study was published by the Journal of Oncology Practice in a special end-of-life care edition.  

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