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Our fellowship transforms promising internal and emergency medicine physicians into capable, well-rounded intensivists who are ready to succeed in either academia or private practice. By engaging as caregivers with the diverse patient population and multidisciplinary critical care team found only in a tertiary care setting, our fellows develop the superb clinical skills required to treat any critically ill patient competently and confidently. Through their participation in institutional educational efforts, quality improvement initiatives, and research projects, our graduates learn to provide exceptional care not only care at the bedside, but at a systems level as teachers, administrators, or researchers.

Training Overview

The program is 24 months long and consists of a series of 4-week rotations. Fellows spend 15 blocks doing clinical work in the intensive care units, including 11.5 blocks at the university hospital. The remaining blocks are devoted to electives and/or research.

Training Overview

Emily Seif, M.D.
Class of 2021

Emily Seif, MD

Residency / Internal Medicine, University of Rochester 
Fellowship / Cardiovascular Disease, University of Rochester

Strong is a busy, fast-paced hospital with excellent clinical exposure to both the bread and butter as well as the zebra cases. The medical complexity of many of the patients provides an excellent preparation to becoming a well-rounded critical care physician.

Attendings here are friendly, approachable, and accessible. They are dedicated to teaching and encourage fellow autonomy.”