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Educational Activities

Nasopharyngeal Scope performed on Resident

Annual R2 Difficult Airway Day

Intern US Conf

Hands-On Ultrasound Course

Resident Retreat

Annual Resident Retreat at Ariel Adventures

Didactics provide the opportunity to look at our clinical practice in a deeper and more supportive way. We approach didactics with the desire to meet each learner’s preferred method of assimilating knowledge and use multiple formats, technologies, and theories in creating and presenting the material. We are cognizant that participation and diversity in a non-threatening environment is what engages and encourages learners.  Our preferred method of teaching is through case based format and interactive experiences, which is why simulation and hands on learning is so highly represented in our didactic experiences.

Conference day is “protected” on most rotations, which means that residents are protected from working late Wednesday to the end of Thursday. This allows our residents to be engaged and involved throughout the conference day. Residents participate in a varied range of activities that serve to enhance and expand their knowledge and understanding of important aspects of Emergency Medicine. Our core curriculum is dictated by the ABEM core curriculum and clinical practices. Given the national prominence of many faculty at the U of Rochester, we selectively invite some of the best to provide educational opportunities to our program.


In addition, we have a Grand Rounds series that has included prominent figures such as Dr. Peter Rosen and the President of the AMA. Given our faculty connection to national leaders in Emergency Medicine, we have been honored to have some of the most influential guest speakers. We encourage you to consider spending some time in reviewing our didactic curriculum; it’s a wonderful balance and support to our clinical experience.


Routine Monthly Activities

  • Patient Safety/Patient Quality Conference
  • Trauma Rounds
  • Pediatric-EM Conference
  • Core Content Lectures
  • Imaging Conference
  • Orthopedics Conference
  • Chiefs' Hour
  • Grand Rounds
  • Hands-on workshops and small-group sessions
  • Hazardous Material Lab
  • Leadership Topics
  • Career Development

Special Retreats

Visual Diagnoses Day


  • Wellness Retreat (R1, 2, 3)
  • Wilderness Retreat (R1, 2, 3)
  • Communication and Professionalism Overnight Retreat (R1, R2, and R3)
  • Quality Improvement Project (R2)
  • Ethics Day ( R1)
  • Joint Session with SUNY Buffalo EM Residency Program
  • Research Day (R3)

Additional assets to our curriculum

  • Journal Club
  • Board Review Class
  • Ultrasound 16-Hour Course
  • Cadaver Lab
  • Simulation Lab
  • Pacing Lab
  • Tracks (EMS, Pediatric EM, Ultrasound, Research, Toxicology, and Education)