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Resident Life at the University of Rochester

Residency in internal medicine is not easy. But, if you have bright,2021 Resident Falls energetic, and caring co-residents and a supportive program, then you will look back very fondly on your residency experience, as have so many U of R IM residency graduates.

Assuring that each resident has a high quality of life is an extremely high priority for our program. We believe that managing stress and maintaining a healthy life outside of residency improves residents' ability to learn and to care for patients most effectively.

The internal medicine residency at the University of Rochester is known for its supportiveness. Residents come together to help each other in and out of work in a culture rooted in support and collegiality rather than competitiveness. Ours is a culture of inclusion where resident wellness and work-life balance are prioritized. And we know that residents value food, so we provide lots of it.

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What Our Residents Say about Rochester

Rochester is small enough to have an intimate feel and low cost of living, but very much large enough to have enough urban problems that as a resident you can 1) provide help to people who really need it 2) get exposure to the advanced pathology that is unfortunately associated with that."

The people are all Midwest friendly, and East Coast smart. I made local friends outside of the hospital that will remain lifelong. Never any traffic due to excellent infrastructure, easy to travel and visit many local outdoor adventures or nearby cities."

Upstate NY was really beautiful in the spring and summer. Mountains, lakes, rivers, trails—it's all there. Cost of living is low, and quiet, safe communities to raise your kids in are abundant."

You get the advantages of being in a city—plenty to do, eat, & explore but it is affordable, there's no traffic, people are friendly, and you can easily drive out to lakes, mountains, glens, and gullies whenever you want. Also can't go without mentioning the lilacs in Highland Park in the Spring!"

What do our residents do in Rochester outside of work?

Our Residents Have Fun Together

Why You'll Love Rochester

Rochester, New York: Made For Living