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Medical Student Virtual Rotation

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Virtual Externship

Course Code

RHB 600

Clerkship Director

Kurt Hauber, MD



4th year medical student;  applying to PM&R




Virtual experience


We are now offering a new virtual 2 week rotation for fourth year medical students applying to Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation.  The rotation will feature opportunities such as case discussion with residents/faculty, meeting with program director/coordinator, telemedicine, virtual rounding, essential reading assignments and video assignments.  You will be invited to Thursday morning lecture series.  The experience will culminate in a 20 minute medical student presentation of a selected PM&R topic presented to current residents.  We also ask that on your last day you submit a one-page summary of what you learned during the rotation.  In total students will have approximately 6 hours/week of live sessions with faculty/residents and 30 hours of independent learning.

Course design

Day one you will meet virtually with the Course Director/Residency Program Director to review your objectives and orient you to the rotation.  Students will be introduced to the wide spectrum of offerings in PMR through video learning, assigned readings, faculty interactions and resident contact on zoom.  Students will schedule virtual rounding with our inpatient team, attend weekly virtual didactic sessions with the current residents, and be assigned mentors to present case studies designed to enhance your experience. You will have time to meet one on one with faculty and residents to learn more about the program.

Goals and Objectives

By the end of the rotation the student should be able to:

  • Obtain a relevant history for common PM&R case presentations.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in examination of the musculoskeletal and neurologic systems.
  • Formulate an appropriate differential diagnosis for common rehabilitation complaints.
  • Discuss appropriate tests required to determine a diagnosis and be able to discuss appropriate therapeutic interventions.
  • Predict the nature of functional impairment resulting from specific neurologic or anatomic injuries.
  • Understand the roles of each of the members of the rehabilitation team.
  • Describe the breadth of the field of PM&R and discuss the roles of various settings including inpatient rehabilitation and outpatient rehabilitation.


Students will review materials assigned.

Students will attend all didactic sessions.

Students will prepare one, assigned 20 minute presentation with support from faculty and residents to present typically on the second Thursday of the rotation.

Students will email a one-page summary of their learning experience at the end of the rotation to the Residency Program Director.

Students will communicate with assigned faculty members and residents.


  • 4th year medical student applying to PM&R
  • Supplemental application materials
    • Curriculum vitae
    • USMLE step 1 score
    • What is your interest in our program and what attracted you to PM&R


Zoom from home

Apply here

Please go to the following link to apply:  Thank you for your interest.