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What our residents say...

"U of R’s program had everything I was looking for: respected fellowship placements, strong outpatient training, supportive faculty, and research opportunity. It’s a great environment to work in."

Nick Grzibowski

PGY 1 Year

The PGY1 year in our program is a preliminary year in Internal Medicine built into the residency with a curriculum that is geared specifically towards a career in PM&R.  Rotations include General Medicine, ICU, Internal Medicine subspecialties as well as rotations with Neurology, Radiology and Pediatrics to supplement the breadth of knowledge necessary for PM&R.  PGY1 year also includes a PM&R rotation in order to better prepare interns for entry into their PGY2 year.

Sample Schedule



6 weeks

Internal Medicine




  • General Medicine

16 weeks


  • Hematology/Oncology

2 weeks


  • ICU (Neuro-ICU/CCU/MICU)

6 weeks


  • Cardiology

4 weeks


  • Endocrinology

4 weeks

Pediatric Inpatient


2 weeks



4 weeks



4 weeks

PGY 2-4 Years

During PGY2-4 years attending physicians work closely with residents, allowing more responsibility as indicated by the resident’s level of ability.  Residents acquire core PM&R knowledge including gaining familiarity with the natural history and recovery for major rehabilitation diagnoses, performing functionally oriented history and examination (neurologic and musculoskeletal), and mastering the appropriate communication skills necessary to interface with patients, family and the team.  Residents are trained on developing a rehabilitation plan of care, continuity with patients, and focus is placed on developing leadership skills.  Diagnostic and procedural training is emphasized in outpatient rotations and includes ultrasound, EMG, ultrasound guided injections, spinal injections, and injections for management of spasticity including botulinum toxin injections and intrathecal baclofen management.

12 months Inpatient (Strong Memorial Hospital and Golisano Restorative Neurology & Rehabilitation Center)

  • *Brain Injury service
  • *Spinal Cord Injury service
  • *General PM&R (stroke and other neurologic disorders, oncology, transplant, advanced cardiac procedures including ventricular assistive devices (VAD), trauma, amputation, etc.)

4-5 months Consults
3 months EMG
3 months Pediatrics/Mixed rotations

  • *Peds Rheumatology, Peds Neurology, Peds Neuromuscular, Developmental Behavioral Peds, Peds PM&R, Peds Orthopedics, Peds Sports concussion, Peds PT/OT
  • *Prosthetics & Orthotics, SNF, Cancer, Burn
2-3 months Musculoskeletal/Sports/Ortho
2 months Interventional Spine
1 month Pain
2 months General PM&R Clinics
6 months Selectives (can select from any of the below)
  • *2 months Elective
  • *1 month Research
  • *1 month Junior Attending (inpatient)
  • *1 month Rheumatology/SNF
  • *Can repeat any rotation above (such as Sports Medicine, Spine, Pain, etc)

Residents also have the opportunity to participate in our Resident Research Track which provides them with a longitudinal Research experience