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Executive Officers

The Graduate Student Society (GSS) Executive Board members are listed below. Please contact us at

GSS Executive Board

  • Sydney Simpson – President 
  • Savannah Moritzky - Vice President
  • Taylor Uccello - Secretary 
  • Ashley Peppriell – Chief Financial Officer 

GSS Communications

  • Jishyra Serrano – Social Media Coordinator  
  • Holly Beaulac – GSS Official Webpage 
  • Taylor Uccello - GSS Official Emails

CGS:  Committee for Graduate Studies Representatives 

  • Sydney Simpson 
  • Holly Beaulac 
  • Andrew Martin 

ADSE: Alliance for Diversity in Science and Engineering Liaison

  • Adrian Moises Molina Vargas

GSRF:  Graduate Students Raising Families Liaisons 

  • Ashley Nelson

Medical Center Parking Committee Liaison

  • Nazish Jeffery

Medical Center Security Office Liaison

  • Andrew Martin

GEPA Liaison

  • Stephen Naum