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URMC Graduate Students Raising Families

GSRF Flyer

GSRF Flyer: University of Rochester Medical Center - Graduate Students Raising Families. Are you a graduate student or postdoc with children?
Are you interested in supporting the needs of others? Join our support and advocacy group on Facebook 

The Graduate Student Society is aware of difficulties that graduate students raising families face here at the University of Rochester Medical Center. The aim of URMC Graduate Students Raising Families (GSRF) is to find solutions to alleviate the problems that students have while balancing family life and pursuing their degrees.  Although the name of this group is student-centric, we understand that this topic is relevant to others in the medical center, such as postdocs, faculty, and staff, so we welcome their input and experiences. We also want to emphasize our intention to be inclusive of parents who may be international students or single parents. Some of the graduate students currently involved in this effort are Elizabeth Belcher, Jules Kun Hyoe Rhoo, Lacey Favazzo, and Kelly Hanson.

Our first GSRF meeting took place in September 2018.  We discussed the lack of pumping rooms at the Medical Center, childcare subsidies for graduate students, and developing a support network for graduate students facing these challenges in our community.  

GSRF has started a Facebook group to spread information regarding advocacy efforts.  It is also intended to be a virtual support group for any parents associated with the University (i.e., not just grad students) to reach out in their local community and give and receive advice with others in similar situations.

Please check the Calendar for upcoming meetings and socials hosted at the URMC.  Newcomers are always welcome to discuss their experiences and/or propose other avenues to approach this issue.  If you are a parent – or not! – and are interested in these efforts, please join us.