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Department Representatives

diverse students

GSS Representatives by Program ​

Biochem or BMB:  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 

  • Need
  • ​Need

Biophysics or BSCB:  Biophysics, Structural, and Computational Biology 

  • Need
  • ​Need

Biostats or BST:  Biostatistics and Computational Biology

  • Need
  • ​Need


  • Marielle Jensen-Battaglia 
  • Sadia Chowdhury

Pathology or CBD:  Cell Biology of Disease 

  • Mark (Nick) James (Title IX Office Liaison)
  • ​Need

Genetics or GDSC:  Genetics, Development, and Stem Cells 

  • Adrian Moises Molina Vargas (ADSE Liason)
  • ​Need

HSRP:  Health Services Research and Policy

  • ​Need

IMV:  Immunology, Microbiology, and Virology 

  • Erin Gibbons
  • Andrew Martin (Public Safety Liaison, CGS Master's Student Representative)

MFT: Marriage and Family Therapy

  • ​Kandace "Kala" Kramer

Neuro:  Neuroscience 

  • Anjali Sinha (ISO Liaison)
  • MaKenna Cealie (Chief Financial Officer)

Pharm/Phys or CMPP:  Cell & Molecular Pharmacology & Physiology

  • David Delemos (President)
  • Michal Shaposhnikov (Vice President)

Tox:  Toxicology

  • Alyssa Merrill (Secretary)
  • Elizabeth Plunk

TBS:  Translational Biomedical Sciences

  • Need
  • Shu-Ting “Robin” Chou (Social Media Coordinator)