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Additional Testimonials

"Leadership and Management helped me grow as a leader and expanded my knowledge on topics with which I had little prior exposure. I particularly enjoyed identifying my strengths and comparing them to others to form a more cohesive team. After completing this course, I am better at managing conflict and understanding others' perspectives. I believe everyone should take this course to gain a better understanding of both how to manage and be managed, providing a benefit in whatever career path they pursue. I will apply these skills when leading my own team."

MaKenna Cealie, M.S.

Ph.D. Candidate, Neuroscience

"The Leadership and Management for Scientists course provided a transformative experience for me, guiding self-reflection on academic goals and fostering essential skills. The course facilitates networking, offers unique tools, and instills confidence, resulting in personal and academic growth, overcoming imposter syndrome, and leaving participants feeling empowered and belonging. For those engaged in student-led community building, the course acts as a crucial element, enhancing leadership skills and providing tools for self-assessment and management. It encourages deep reflection on available resources, fosters valuable connections, and underlines the instructor's commitment to student success, ultimately influencing both the PhD journey and future career. "

Gayathri Guru Murthy, MS

Ph.D. Candidate, Translational Biomedical Science

"The class, comprising hands-on activities, expert lectures, and engaging discussions, was consistently lively. Instructors created real-world material directly applicable to graduate student workflows. Utilizing techniques learned, I secured a desired postdoctoral position, becoming a leader in my professional network. This course provides invaluable real-world experience in leadership and management for the post-graduate workforce, positioning individuals for career progression. I've applied the lessons to secure my current postdoc role and use the skills for overseeing students and facilitating grant activities."

Ian Krout, Ph.D.

SMD Ph.D. Alumni, Toxicology

"A critical skill I gained from and learned about through IND 439 is informational interviewing. When interviewing potential mentors and colleagues before the course I usually came with prepared questions, but after IND 439 I had a drastically improved system which asked more efficient and comprehensive questions. Now I feel much more confident when setting up conversations with colleagues and potential mentors in my field. Additionally, by taking IND 439 my network and LinkedIn connections grew by connecting with Guest Lecturers!"

Tori Popov, M.S.

Ph.D. Candidate, Neuroscience

"Leadership and Management for Scientists provided me with formal training in subjects typically overlooked in graduate school. Topics such as strategic planning, project management, and hiring staff are all important skills to be proficient in for a variety of careers following a science Ph.D., yet often are left to scientists to figure out themselves. This course bridges that gap by allowing experts to share their knowledge, leaving me feeling more prepared for future leadership roles. Additionally, it facilitated self-discovery, emphasizing self-reflection and fostering important group discussions about the scientific culture. The individual project, centered on informational interviewing, equipped me to interview professionals in my desired career, enabling me to map out a plan for my remaining years in graduate school with actionable steps toward my career goals."

Sarah Yablonski, M.S.

Ph.D. Candidate, Neuroscience