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Bringing Science To Life In A Way That Is Authentic, Meaningful, And Contextualized

Bringing Science To Life In A Way That Is Authentic, Meaningful, And Contextualized

Career Story by Teresa Long, MS, Undergraduate Research Project Coordinator at University of Rochester

Have you ever watched the original Cosmos series?  I’m no Carl Sagan (or Neil DeGrasse Tyson, for that matter), but I am someone who is most motivated by those who can bring science to life in a way that is authentic, meaningful, and contextualized.  As a researcher turned teacher turned university staff member, I’ve seen many of the same twists and turns that seem to define the modern career search.  I am excited to bring my story and opportunities for those looking to gain teaching experience to URBEST February 6th 9:30 – 10:30 am.

Regulatory Affairs Brings Science Human Relevance

Regulatory Affairs Brings Science Human Relevance

Career Story by Joan Adamo, Assistant Professor and Director for Regulatory Support Services

Question: What is a good career if you love science, have an eye for critical review, appreciate the need to follow the rules and secretly have a desire to wield some modicum of authority?

Answer: Regulatory Affairs!   (aka. the federal regulation of drugs, biologics and medical devices)

My career trajectory was constantly being nudged by personal involvements; however, I did not let that deter me from finding a job that piqued my interest and allowed me to expand my horizons into the directions I wanted it to turn.

Science and Policy:  Pathways and Transitions

Science and Policy: Pathways and Transitions

Career Story by Scott Steele, Associate Professor, Director of Government and Academic Research Alliances and Director of Regulatory Science Programs

There are vast numbers of rewarding roles scientists can pursue if they wish to develop and impact policy at many levels.  My career path has allowed me to explore a number of opportunities to directly and also indirectly shape policy from both the federal government and in academia.   Below are four “lessons learned” to consider as you progress through your training and career path.

Consumer products R&D might surprise you!

Consumer products R&D might surprise you!

Career Story by Kurt Schilling, PhD, SVP Basic Science Research and Advanced Technologies at The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.

I don’t think too many people really know much about R&D careers in the consumer products industry.  Although I was partially aware of some of the work happening behind oral care brands during my PhD program at URSMD, I didn’t really know what I was getting into when I joined Unilever back in 1989.  After spending the last 28 years or so at Unilever, Johnson and Johnson and Estee Lauder, I can say without reservation that my journey has proven to be as exciting and rewarding as any R&D career out there. Why do I say that?

Letter from the Outside World

Letter from the Outside World

News Article by Anonymous URBEST Trainee Alumnus

I recently received an email from a URBEST trainee that had graduated and made their way out into the world. It surprises (and delights) me that people still like to share their success stories. I also wanted to communicate the email with you because I think it contains a lot of useful information for when you decide to make your way into the outside world. I got permission to share – I just had to remove identifying factors. Please enjoy this trainee’s experience. It might be similar to your own in the future?