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2019 Budding UR Scientists and Science Communicators

By Tracey Baas, PhD, URBEST Executive Director

Media Winner Images

Emily Boynton and Molly Miles from URMC’s Department of Public Relations and Communications met with a small group of URBEST trainees to discuss how the Medical Center and other academic institutions are sharing science in the social world we live in. They provided some examples of different types of visuals and videos that get great engagement on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. The goal?  URBEST and the Public Relations and Communications team wanted to find and offer prizes for three original visuals or videos from students and trainees that highlight UR innovation and research. Money, video packs and fame!

First prize was awarded to Griffin Schroeder (Biochemistry) and Thomas O'Connor (Biomedical Genetics). This video, From The Lab Bench to the Clinic, details how FDA approved drugs are repurposed in the Noble lab and taken to the Wilmot Cancer Center for Clinical Trials. Griffin and Thomas split $750 of prize money.

Second prize was awarded to Jishyra Serrano and Savannah Moritzky's (Translational Biomedical Sciences) Vaccines and Translational Science. They also split the win with $500 in prize money.

Third prize went to Gabrielle Kosoy (Biophysics) with Looking for Answers and Questions. She worked with videographer and aesthetic expert Chris Crouse to take away the $250 in prize money.

Each team was awarded a Joby Gorilla Tripod and a Rode VideoMic Me Directional Microphone for their smart phones, and their social media creation was promoted at URMC’s flagship social media page: UR Medicine Facebook. Stay tuned for more of their creations and future contests!

Tracey Baas | 7/19/2019

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