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For Current Students


pizzarelloCatherine Pizzarello, G4, IMV

How did you know your current lab is the right fit for you?
"My PI and I get along very well. She is understanding of my work/life balance needs since I have a family. Her research focus is in pediatrics, which fit my desire to go into pediatrics, but mostly I chose the lab for its environment. I never really feel unreasonably stressed out or pressured. I also feel heard, understood, and respected. My PI also provides me with plenty of opportunities to attend conferences and present my research."

What is the most interesting thing about your research project?
"[The most interesting thing about my research project is that I have] access to human samples (breast milk, infant stool, blood, etc.) that I can form research questions around (ex. immunophenotyping infants, examining effects of breast milk and infant microbiome on intestinal immunity, etc.)."

Any advice for aspiring physician-scientists?
"Hang in there haha"