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The Medical Scientist Training Program is a fully-funded, University sponsored program. As MSTP students, you will received a stipend throughout the course of your studies and, in addiiton, can utlize University training funds to offset costs for study materials/supplies, conferences, travel expenses, etc. Please visit our University of Rochester's Payroll Site that outlines specific stipend/payroll policies and FAQs. Further, please review MSTP's Training Funds Policy below.

MSTPTraining Fund instituted in July 2007.  Each student in M1, M2 receives a budget of $1200 for each four years matriculated in the MSTP ($2400 total for 8 years.); if student enters after M2, deduct $300/year or $600 to give total $1800.  No single expenditure can exceed $1000; total aggregate of funds available will not exceed $2400/student.  Students in remaining years are prorated; see individual student for exact amount. Cannot use funds for residency application travel or applications or exam fees (per Director, 1/27/11). Cannot use for textbooks, supplies or equipment to be used in residency.  CAN use for USMLE Step review material but NOT registration fee (unless Director approves for need-based).  If using in 4th year med school, MUST request reimbursement by January of graduation year. Computers can be purchased up to $999 (for only 50% reimbursement). Reimbursement for computers & other things besides travel (i.e. books, defense food, exam/membership fees) are processed. Use spend category 58900 (non-capital equipment: must be < $1000).  Effective. 7/30/14, all students must fill out their own F34 to the best of their ability, using link on Finance website,  then email to MSTP Administrator or Administrator Assistant to process.