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About CIFT

Our mission is to understand the inhalation toxicology and human health effects of emerging flavoring chemicals and flavors used in electronic cigarettes and emerging tobacco and non-tobacco products (e-cigarettes, JUUL, vape pens, hookah/waterpipe, iQOS and conventional tobacco/cigarettes) for regulatory science and toxicology. We are also determined to provide updated information on emerging flavoring toxicity to the FDA/NIH and inform public, schools (middle and high schoolers), and other researchers for dangers of using emerging tobacco or non-tobacco products include flavorings.

Inhaled and flavoring agents include volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other organic/inorganic compounds (non-combustible) present in e-cigarettes/e-liquid, tobacco products, incense oils, popcorns, dry shampoos, air fresheners, cleaning solvents, and other non-flavoring commercial products.

The Center works closely with the Inhalation Facility Core of the Environmental Sciences Health Center and Lung Biology & Disease Program, topography and surveys (Ossip/PHS), clinical samplings and lung function (UR CTSI-CRC), and assessment of toxicants (Roswell Park).

The Center also supports various activities related to the mission and objectives of the center, such as:

  • Educational activities
  • Seminar Series
  • Workshops
  • Pilot projects
  • Start-up for generating preliminary data