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Outreach & Advocacy

Outreach and Advocacy

CHeT leads initiatives — regionally, nationally, and globally — that educate and care for patients, provide training to improve outcomes, advance knowledge, and address critical concerns.

Supporting the Future of Research

Parkinson’s Project

The Parkinson’s Project is dedicated to finding the underlying causes of this disease so we can prevent it. We are also developing new care models that reach more in need, educating patients, families, and clinicians, and discovering new means to measure and treat this formidable disease. Please consider supporting these efforts with a tax-deductible gift to The Parkinson’s Project.

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Educating + Caring for Patients

Parkinson Disease Care New York (PDCNY)

A program that allows anyone, anywhere in the state of New York, to receive specialized telemedicine care for Parkinson’s disease from the comfort of their own home.

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An educational TV series bringing together neurologists, patients, and topic experts to discuss different aspects of living with Parkinson’s and ways to maximize quality of life. The series has more than 110,000 views since its inception.

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Making Connections + Sharing Knowledge

CHeT Innovates

CHeT Innovates is an annual event bringing together our collaborators, including researchers, physicians, patients, advocates, and industry stakeholders. Attendees are invited to see technology demonstrations to learn how we can work together to improve research and clinical care regionally, nationally, and globally, for neurological conditions and beyond.

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Brain+Tech mobile appBrain + Tech

Brain + Tech is a periodic email briefing that addresses technology developments — from sensors to treatments — in the field of neurology. Each month highlights a key topic in the intersection of technology and neurology. Past editions have included Alzheimer’s disease, digital health, and artificial intelligence.

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Technology & Rare Neurological Disease Symposium (TRNDS)

TRNDS is a national symposium on emerging novel therapeutic technologies that are creating new and rapidly expanding treatment options for patients with rare neurological disorders. TRNDS is hosted and organized by the University of Rochester, a national leader in rare disease research and therapeutic development.

Visit the TRNDS Symposium website

CHeT Talks

CHeT Talks is a webinar series which covers the latest advances in areas such as virtual clinical trials, telemedicine, and digital measures. The series is hosted by Dr. Ray Dorsey, CHeT Director, and features industry experts from health care and technology.

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Mapping a Better Future for Parkinson’s

Ending Parkinson’s Disease

In this book, Ending Parkinson’s Disease, four experts offer a bold but actionable plan to prevent, advocate for, care for, and treat one of the great health challenges of our time — Parkinson's disease. This is a critical guide for anyone who has been or could be touched by this disease.

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