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Decentralized Studies


Ray Dorsey

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Our Precedent for the Unprecedented


studies involving virtual assessments and digital technologies (wearable sensors, smartphone applications, radio frequency monitoring) since 2013


research participants in these studies, which have shown these approaches to be feasible, effective, and well-liked

We are currently conducting several virtual trials, including a longitudinal study tracking a cohort of LRRK2-carriers at increased risk for Parkinson’s disease (VALOR-PD) and a fully remote longitudinal follow-up study with participants from two Phase III clinical trials (AT-HOME PD).


Our Team Approach

As described in our brochure, CHeT is an academic CRO that has conducted over 150 clinical trials involving 45,000+ participants that have led to 10 FDA-approved drugs, including four for Parkinson’s. We also have a drug packaging unit, a data analytics team, and an outcomes group that has developed FDA-accepted PROs for many neurological disorders.


Going Virtual

The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down almost all site-based clinical trials. The resumption of such studies and the initiation of new ones will be challenging given the uncertainties surrounding the novel coronavirus. We can help.

Let’s stop being reactive and start being proactive. Let’s end the pauses, move forward, and create the future of clinical trials together.

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