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Our Expertise

Clinical Trial Coordination

Clinical Trials Coordination Center

We generate and convey new knowledge leading to the treatments and better understanding of diseases with the goal to improve the health or quality of life of patients and families.

Material Handling

Clinical Materials Services Unit

We provide contract pharmaceutical services to the Clinical Trials industry. We are registered with the New York State Board of Pharmacy as a wholesaler re-packager of drugs and devices.


CHeT Outcomes

We specialize in the development and validation of highly sensitive disease-specific, patient-reported and caregiver-reported outcome measures for use in therapeutic trials and FDA drug-labeling claims.



CHeT Innovation

We pioneered studies of smartphones, wearables, and sensors in collaboration with the biggest names in technology.




CHeT Analytics

CHeT Analytics

We combine knowledge with data sciences to support drug development decisions and to optimize precision medicine.




CHeT Health

CHeT Health

We advance evidence-based health policies to reduce health disparities, inform government regulatory agencies, and augment the involvement of diverse populations during therapeutic trials.