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Some patient care sites and offices have been affected by the CrowdStrike software issue. Emergency and inpatient care are continuing without interruption.
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CHeT Health

CHeT Health

CHeT Health focuses on helping the community benefit from our organization’s scientific advancements. We aim to disseminate CHeT’s capabilities and discoveries worldwide to increase awareness, empower scientific insights, reduce costs of therapeutic trials, and accelerate the delivery of novel treatments to the people who need them most.

CHeT Health is



Disseminating CHeT's Capabilities and Discoveries to Improve Clinical Studies

From CHeT’s research breakthroughs, our clinical trials support, and our design and consulting services, we foster collaboration, and accelerate the integration of innovations into studies and practice around the world.




Facilitating Access to Research and Improving Engagement

We ensure widespread access to CHeT’s research and promote engagement and participation in studies. This encourages an environment of research involvement, increasing diversity and strengthening the connections between science and society.




Improving the Health of our Communities

More comprehensive and applicable research findings allow greater numbers of people to benefit from our scientific advancements and ultimately leads to better health outcomes for all.