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CHeT Analytics

data Modeling + Predictive Analytics team

The CHeT Analytics unit combines translational and clinical pharmacology knowledge with data sciences to support drug development decisions and to optimize precision medicine paradigms. Investigators at the CHeT Analytics unit are able to leverage one of the world’s largest repositories of clinical trial data for Parkinson’s disease and Huntington’s disease to gain new insights about disease progression that can be applied towards the design of future clinical trials.

A core aim within the CHeT Analytics unit is developing, testing, and validating models that forecast rates of clinical disease progression in people living with neurodegenerative diseases using artificial intelligence techniques. This information can be used to differentiate participants in clinical trials who are likely to be slow or fast progressors, and treatment responders or non-responders. With this knowledge in-hand, investigators, sponsors, and clinicians are able to simulate and predict the likelihood of various outcomes of clinical trials and treatment options, and therefore design the most efficient strategies for their participants and patients.


COVID-19 Data Tracker

The UR Center for Health + Technology has created a COVID-19 tracker displaying the latest data regarding cases, recoveries, hospitalizations, and more.

COVID-19 Dashboard