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Working to enable anyone, anywhere to receive care, participate in research, and benefit from the resulting advances.

About the Center for Health + Technology

Over the past generation, CHeT has re-shaped the conduct of clinical research and advanced knowledge to improve health for thousands, if not millions, of individuals. CHeT is leading the field in evaluating how to harness the tools and technologies of the early 21st century to extend the reach and impact of research and clinical care.

111 Clinical Trials
40k Research Participants
7 FDA-Approved Treatments

Leveraging Technology to Advance Care + Research

Applying new tools and approaches in clinical trials can transform the design, assessment, and evaluation of novel therapies for neurological disorders. Over the past decade, CHeT Director, Dr. Ray Dorsey, has led more than 15 studies that utilize disruptive technologies to expand the reach and impact of research and clinical care worldwide.

Collaboration + Partnership

CHeT collaborators and partners span the globe and include leading academic institutions, industry innovators in pharma, technology, not-for-profit foundations, advocacy groups, and the federal government.

  • Aston University
    AMC Health
    Parkinson's Foundation
  • ParkinsonNet""
    University of Buffalo
    West Foundation
    National Institutes of Health
  • Johns Hopkins

CHeT in the News

Newsroom »

The Parkinson Pandemic—A Call to Action
Pandemics are usually equated with infectious diseases such as Zika, influenza, and HIV. However, an imminent noninfectious pandemic, Parkinson disease (PD), requires immediate action.

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Center for Health + Technology
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Ray Dorsey, MD
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Clinical Trials Coordination Center
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Tel. (585) 275-0553

Clinical Materials Services Unit
Cornelia Kamp, MBA
Tel. (585) 350-3838