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Our Virtual Resources

Whether you’re an investigator, a coordinator, or a study participant, CHeT’s resources will help you navigate the transition to virtual visits. We’ve created a library of videos and documents that may be useful to you. If you want materials customized to your study or project, we can help with that too. Email us to discuss more!

Participating in Research

No prior experience with virtual visits? No problem. View our videos below to help you connect for your first virtual visit, for research or clinical care. We’ve created brief, standard, and comprehensive versions of the video so you can choose the level of detail that’s right for you.

Running a Virtual Study

Study administration is involved enough, without having to worry about creating resources to train your investigators and coordinators in virtual visits. So we’ve decided to share ours. View the video below, or if you want something text-based, download our Best Practices.

Choosing Virtual

Virtual studies are faster, more participant-friendly, and more efficient; we think they’re the future of clinical trials. But you don’t have to take our word for it. If you’re still undecided, check out several publications on the subject:

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The Future of Clinical Trials

We’re not alone in thinking that virtual and decentralized trials will shape the future of clinical research. We’re hosting a series of webcasts with experts from all sectors of research – CHeT Talks – to discuss these issues and bring the latest developments to you. View two of our featured talks here, or see the full CHeT Talk series.

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