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Pre-Operative Class

The Evarts Joint Center offers a free pre-operative class for patients who are scheduled to have joint replacement surgery at the Evarts Joint Center. So you are well informed and prepared for a successful surgery, joint replacement patients are required to attend our free total joint replacement class. Not only must you attend, it is equally important that a member of your support team attend.


You'll find out about:


  • The joint replacement procedure
  • How to prepare for surgery
  • Anesthesia options
  • Your hospital stay
  • Pain management
  • The recovery process
  • Equipment you may need after surgery

Our staff will make an appointment for you to attend this mandatory class. You can also download the class presentation materials.

If you are not yet scheduled for a surgery, but joint pain is interfering with your everyday life, call (585) 275-5321 for a consultation with one of our joint surgeons or learn more about the Evarts Joint Center experience.