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Employment Opportunities

Post-doctoral and Technical Associate Opportunities in the Kielkopf Lab at the University of Rochester: Structural Biology of Pre-mRNA Splicing in Human Disease

Positions for post-doctoral and technical associates to study the structural biology of pre-mRNA splicing in human disease are available at the University of Rochester. Projects seek to understand severe defects in pre-mRNA splicing that accompany most human hematologic malignancies and many metabolic disorders, as well as the dependence of HIV-1 and other complex retroviruses on RNA splicing for infectivity at the structural and molecular level. We use multi-pronged and innovative approaches, including X-ray crystallography, fluorescence, calorimetry, small-angle X-ray scattering, HIV-1 assays and human cell culture.

For more information on projects, please see the Kielkopf lab website or contact Dr. Kielkopf.

Interested individuals should send a C.V., including a description of past and on-going research, and the names and contact information of three references to Dr. Kielkopf.

Successful applicants should be well-equipped to contribute to a productive group of interactive lab members with diverse backgrounds and expertise.