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Lab Members

Lab Alumni

Principal Investigator

Clara Kielkopf
Research Interest: Splicing defects in hematologic malignancies; roles of human pre-mRNA splicing factors in HIV-1 infectivity; development of engineered splicing factors for correction of splicing defects; splice sites and their associated proteins as therapeutic targets.


Jermaine Jenkins
Jermaine Jenkins, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Phone: (585) 275-5305
Email Jermaine
Research Interest:

X-ray crystallography and cryo-electron microscopy analysis of RNA and protein-RNA complexes

Research Staff

Mary Pulvino
Mary Pulvino
Senior Technical Associate
MC 3-8547
Phone: (585) 276-3681

Graduate Students

Hannah Clary
Research Interest:

Investigating the roles of the SF3B1 ULMs in recruiting protein phosphatases for pre-mRNA splicing

Justin Galardi
Research Interest:

A UHM-ULM interface contributes to the pre-mRNA splicing functions of U2AF2 and SF3B1

Christopher Kirchhoff
Research Interest:

Structural Investigation of Early Splicing Factor Complexes

Research Assistants

Jennifer Pena
Jennifer Pena
Undergraduate Student