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Find Full Text

I Found a Reference in PubMed and now I want the Article

  1. Always go to PubMed from the link on Bibby Library's website.
    Why? PubMed will recognize the journals the library subscribes to.
  2. Next, in PubMed, conduct your search.
  3. Click on the underlined title of the article you wish to retrieve.
    Note: If you are off site, you will be prompted for your URMC email username and password. If you know it,  you can also use your NetID username and password.
  4. Next, select the red “Find Text @ UR” button: Find Full Text At UR
    Note: If you click on the button provided by the publisher, you may be prompted for payment.
  5. Most of the time you will be linked directly to the article. Find and select the “PDF” icon and the article will open.
    Or Sometimes…
    You will be taken to the library catalog. Look in the center of the page for:
    • A link to the electronic journal, OR
    • Special instructions, OR
    • Text indicating the article is NOT available electronically.
    Note: If the article is not available electronically, it may be in print in the library (most articles pre-1990 are print only).

I have a Citation for an Article and I want to get the Full Text

  1. Start at Bibby Library's website.
  2. Select “Electronic Journals (A-Z List)”
  3. In the search box, enter the title of the journal the article is published in. Click “Search”.
  4. Click on the underlined text—this will take you to the journal
  5. Once you are at the journal page:
    • find the year your article was published
    • then select the volume and issue
    • from the table of contents that appear, look for the article by title or page
      • select “PDF” to open the article.

Things to Remember when Connecting to Full Text Articles

  • You must begin at Bibby Library's website.
  • From the article citation in PubMed, always select the red “Find Text @ UR” button. Find Full Text At UR
  • If you are directed to the library catalog, read the instructions on the screen carefully.
  • If you are off site, you will need your URMC email credentials or NetID login information.
  • If the article is from the early 1990’s or older, it is probably available in print only. Request these articles from interlibrary loan.