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Fourth-Year Medicine Acting Internships

Medical student rotationWelcome to the Medicine Acting Internships program!


After successfully completing the Medicine clerkship, fourth-year medical students have the opportunity to enroll in an acting internship rotation. Available site opportunities include Strong Memorial Hospital and our community site at Highland Hospital, as well as an Honors program at Strong Memorial Hospital. Some students are also able to complete a sub-I experience in the Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) or Inpatient Oncology service.


The Medicine acting internship is a four-week experience that encompasses the Department of Medicine missions of excellence in patient care and preeminent leadership in medical education. The rotation follows the Internal Medicine SubInternship Curriculum 2.0 via the Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine (AAIM), and acting interns are expected to be an integral part of the medical team with increased responsibilities from their clerkship. This includes being first-call for patients they are carrying, practice in preparing orders, and providing primary communication to patients, consultants, the interdisciplinary team, and families. In addition, Honors acting interns experience cross-coverage, night call, and more exposure to newly admitted patients.

At the start of the acting internship rotations, students take a Clinical Decision-Making Exam to help.  The exam assesses students’ ability to make decisions about a working diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of common internal medicine problems.  Acting interns are also expected to complete a quality assurance project during the rotation and meet with the program site director at the mid and end of the rotation to assess their experience. Beginning in 2020, students are also asked to reflect on how podcasts covering topics such as trauma-informed care, gender-affirming care, and anti-racism in medicine relate to their experiences in medical school and patient care.

Other Opportunities

Additionally, students interested in pursuing a career in Emergency Medicine may enroll in an abbreviated 2-week rotation to hone their internal medicine skills. Students are also welcomed to join our night float team for 2 weeks as an elective to further their cross-coverage and admitting skills outside of the acting internship experience.

We look forward to working with you during your Medicine acting internship!

Jennifer K. Readlynn, MD, FHM

Jennifer K. Readlynn, M.D., F.H.M.
Director, Medicine Acting Internships
Assistant Professor – Department of Medicine