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Geriatric Assessment Clinic

This consultative program aims to maintain frail older adults in the community at the most independent level possible through comprehensive geriatric assessment. The clinic features an interdisciplinary care team that evaluates the health and functional ability of older adults by examination, interview of both patient and family, and by information from the primary care physician. The clinic serves as a main interprofessional geriatrics teaching site for UR and other local health professional schools and trains geriatric fellows, resident physicians, medical and nurse practitioner students, social work graduate students and pharmacy students.

The geriatric assessment team


Geriatric assessment office visitThis clinic meets the needs of a local frail aging population, especially those with significant comorbid disease, functional decline, or requiring higher levels of personal care necessitating transition to alternative living settings. The clinic meets goals of comprehensive assessment as outlined by the National Institutes of Health: improved diagnostic accuracy, guidance in selection of interventions to restore or preserve health, and aid in choosing an optimal environment for care.


The clinic provides consultative services to adults age 65 and older through referrals from primary care physician offices and self-referral. Regardless of referral source or reasons for the consultation, the clinic seeks to engage the patient's primary care physician in the assessment by providing regular communication regarding the teams’ findings and recommendations.


A comprehensive assessment is performed by an interdisciplinary team consisting of geriatricians, nurses, neuropsychologists, pharmacists and social workers. Personalized recommendations are provided to patients, families, caregivers, and primary care physicians as a result of the consultative office visit, with referrals made to a variety of community resources and service agencies in the Greater Rochester area.


The clinic operates weekly with half-day sessions on Friday mornings. Patients spend an initial half day in clinic then return several weeks later for an hour long follow-up closure visit.


The clinic is located at Monroe Community Hospital, which is wheelchair accessible and has free parking.

UR Geriatric Assessment Clinic
435 East Henrietta Road
Rochester, NY 14620
Phone: (585) 760-6353

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