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Pre-baccalaureate Training in Musculoskeletal Science

The Pre-baccalaureate Training in Musculoskeletal Science program typically includes a 4 semester experience including 1) 4 Independent Study courses, which will take place in the fall and spring semesters junior and senior year, 2) a 12hr/wk paid position during these four semesters, and 3) a 40hr/week paid position during the intervening summer. Academically successful students are usually selected from the BME and Biology Departments, and the program of activity is negotiated with and monitored by the undergraduate program coordinators from each department. Dr. Alayna Loiselle serves as the director of the program, and connects qualified students with the PI of their choice.

For the year 2015-2016, the program includes 32 trainees situated in 13 different labs in the CMSR.

As part of the Pre-baccalaureate Training in Musculoskeletal Research, Dr. Loiselle has also connected CMSR education activities with the Teen Health and Success Partnership (THSP) in the Center for Community Health (CCH) (web link). The THSP partners with employers, including the University of Rochester, to provide employment for students from the Rochester City School District (RCSD). As a THSP partner, the CMSR provides hands-on experiential training, with THSP students fully integrated in to the educational framework of the T32 and CMSR. This includes participating in and presenting at CMSR lab meetings and journal clubs and participation in the Foundations of Musculoskeletal Science Course. This initiative provides unique, research-based learning and employment opportunities to RCSD students, and fosters students’ ability and enthusiasm to pursue further education in biomedical research.