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Procedures for Visas

  • Visas will be for a period of one year or longer.
  • Visa will begin either in January or July of each year.
  • Complete Visa Applications will only be accepted in March and October.
    *PLEASE NOTE that visas are taking up to six months to complete. If you are planning on having a scholar start here in January, all paperwork must be submitted in March the prior year (i.e., submit paperwork in March 2016 for a January 2017 start date). If you want them to start in July, all paperwork must be submitted by the October deadline.
  • A complete visa application consists of the following paperwork:
    • A completed SMD J-1 Scholar Job Code Proposal Form (Just the information needs to be completed by the PI, signatures will be obtained by Administrator)
    • Completed J-1 English Proficiency Assessment Form, with supporting documentation
    • Completed J-1 Exchange Visitor Questionnaire
    • A photograph of the J-1 application with name printed on the back (different than passport photo)
    • Copy of identity pages of a valid passport
    • Copy of CV
    • Proof of permanent residency if applicant is a citizen of one country, but legal permanent resident of another
    • If applicant is not going to be paid through the University, applicant MUST provide proof of funding and it must be:
      • Written in English
      • On letterhead from the funding source
      • Signed by someone with the authority to dispense the funds from the funding organization
      • Include specific dates of funding coverage (i.e., 7/1/16-6/30/18 and not July 2016)
      • Include amount of funding in US DOLLARS
      • If home country is paying for health insurance, it must also be clearly written in the funding letter. Health insurance is approximately $7,500 each year. Please note that postdoc may not use their salary to purchase outside insurance.
    • If the applicant is going to be paid through the University, please state how you will be paying for them (i.e., grant, etc.), remembering that you have to include $7,500 for health insurance
    • Copies of all degrees and certificates earned, with the English translation
    • If the Scholar will be accompanied by dependents, you must also include the following in your application package:
      • Dependent Questionnaire (one for each dependent)
      • Copy of identify pages of passport for each dependent
      • For spouse, a copy of marriage certificate translated into English
      • For child(ren), a copy of birth certificate translated into English
      • A photograph of each dependent, with name printed on back (different than passport photo)
    • A completed Intellectual Property Agreement signed by Visitor’s employer
    • If a scholar is planning on shadowing in the Clinic or Operating Room, additional forms must be completed. See Catherine Muzytchuk for these additional forms:
      • SMD Orthopaedic Unpaid Clinical Shadowing Program Application and Approval Form
      • Letter of Agreement
      • Short Term Observational Experience Immunization Requirement Checklist


SMD J-1 Scholar Job Code Proposal Form

English Proficiency Assessment Form

Exchange Visitor Questionnaire

Dependent Questionnaire

Intellectual Property Agreement